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Prague, October 2006, 18th

EUportal is the major Czech eurorealistic server, which warns against the possible risks of the European integration from the liberal-conservative positions and contributes positively to the discussion about the direction of the integration.

This medium supports the opinion, that the representative democracy can work only in the national country, and therefore takes the assignment of the important competences on the European institutions for incorrect. EUportal supports the spontaneous integration process, which clears away not only the borders of the free market, but opposes vitally against the effort to build the united European super-state, driven by the bureaucratic elites.

EUportal emphasizes the wider contexts of the present European issues, such as growth of the dangerous phenomena like radical feminism, ecologism, social engineering, homosexualism, NGOgoism, antiamericanism, political correctness and multiculturalism.

I´m glad, exists this not trivial discussion platform, because by my belief discussion about these things is still little.

EUportal´s motto: „Europe of the independent nations, national states of the independent citizens“.

Václav Klaus
President of the Czech Republic

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