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The Lone Stand of Vaclav Klaus

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Political leaders across the world have embraced the consensus, and they continue to do so. Within their ranks, however, there has for some years now been a prominent and outspoken dissenter, in the person of the President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus.

Autor: David Henderson | Publikováno: 19.11.2011 | English | 7513 čtenářů

The Cult of Reagan, and Other Neocon Follies

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Russell Kirk, one of the most important conservative thinkers of the twentieth century, was critical of libertarians. I assumed everyone knew that. But just as interesting is that Kirk was no neocon like Lord and Levin, as I showed here. More to the point: although Lord doesn’t mention it, by the 1990s Kirk was praising libertarians for having "an understanding of foreign policy that the elder Taft represented." That’s right – the iconic Kirk praised libertarians for their foreign-policy views.

Autor: Thomas E. Woods Jr. | Publikováno: 17.11.2011 | English | 7072 čtenářů

Paradoxes of Affirmative Action

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The value of a human being should be evaluated according to his or her knowledge, skills and other personal qualities, not according to his or her race, colour, ethnicity or sex. The one who is the best according to the objective criteria should be accepted to the university or get the job not the one, who is privileged thanks to his or her biological characteristics.

Autor: Tomáš Břicháček | Publikováno: 16.11.2011 | English | 7097 čtenářů

American liberals admire Europe for its lack of freedom

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In short, the "European model" that European socialist politicians proclaim and liberal Americans admire is not necessarily a model appreciated by ordinary Europeans. What you admire about Europe are policies influenced by intellectuals and bureaucrats rather than ordinary citizens. As a consequence, what you admire about Europe is its lack of freedom.

Autor: Petr Mach | Publikováno: 15.11.2011 | English | 5926 čtenářů

Will popular democracy bring down the New World Order?

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Will popular democracy bring down the New World Order? A fair question. For Western peoples are growing increasingly reluctant to accept the sacrifices that the elites are imposing upon them to preserve that New World Order.

Autor: Patrick J. Buchanan | Publikováno: 14.11.2011 | English | 6233 čtenářů

Czech President Klaus: The crisis in Europe did not come as a surprise to me

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he crisis in Europe did not come as a surprise to me and it does not relate to the eurozone only. It is a crisis of the whole model of European integration which has become dominant in Europe since – at least – the mid-1980s. The Czech Republic’s entry into the eurozone is not the issue of the day. The issue of the day is whether or not the eurozone will survive in its current form. I suppose it will survive but am afraid of the price which will be paid by all of us because the proposals to solve the situation by more governance at the EU level can only prolong and worsen the crisis.

Autor: odjinud | Publikováno: 14.11.2011 | English | 5747 čtenářů

Equality, egalite, was what the French Revolution and the Bolshevik Revolution claimed to be about

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Equality, egalite, was what the French Revolution, the Bolshevik Revolution, Mao’s Revolution of 1949, Castro’s Revolution of 1959 and Pol Pot’s revolution of 1975 claimed to be about. This was the Big Lie, for all those revolutions that triumphed in the name of equality were marked by mass murders of the old ruling class, the rise of a new ruling class more brutal and tyrannical, and the immiseration of the people in whose name the revolution was supposedly fought.

Autor: Patrick J. Buchanan | Publikováno: 13.11.2011 | English | 11738 čtenářů

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